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Back To School Bash Seeks ‘Virus Busters’ to Ensure Healthy Start to School

August 17, 2020

Family Health Center is adapting its annual Back To School Bash to support the health and safety of our youngest patients.

Now in its 11th year, the 2020 Bash has adapted its traditional one-day carnival -and instead offers local children the chance to become “Virus Busters.” Children can earn stickers in a passport certifying they’re fully immunized and have completed well-child and dental check-ups.

Denise Crawford, President and CEO of Family Health Center (FHC), said immunizations, well-child checks and dental check-ups are vital for students now and pay dividends in greater health far into each child’s future.

“With the threat of COVID-19 added to that of the other childhood diseases, starting the school year in good health is more important for students than ever,” Crawford said. “We’re doing our part to make sure children can start school healthy, which helps them hit the ground running for another year of learning.”

Value of Good Health to Students

Good health means both medical and dental check-ups as well as having immunizations up to date. “A healthy child learns better and has a better chance of staying healthy during the school year,” said Crawford.

Parents can bring their children to any Family Health Center location and pick up a Virus Buster Passport. Kids will receive passport stamps when they complete their well-child check, if they’ve had a dental cleaning in the past six months, and if their immunizations are up to date. Once they earn Virus Buster status, kids will get a COVID-19 health kit, including hand hygiene products and face masks, along with tips on how to stay safe and healthy. Kids also receive school supplies and a basketball, football, or volleyball to help them stay healthy through learning and exercise.

In 2019, 1,800 children from low-income families received well-child services including immunizations, due in large part to the Bash.

The 2020 Back To School Bash runs from Monday, Aug. 17, through Tuesday, Sept. 1. To schedule an appointment, call (269) 349-2641.

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