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First Week of December Recap

December 13, 2021

Last week was filled with #ActsofKindness in honor of our 50th Anniversary!

☕️ Coffee Rescue served up delicious hot beverages and baked goods at both our Paterson and Alcott locations. Our staff and patients appreciated the warm treats!

😁 We surprised our dental patients at our Alcott building with electric toothbrushes! This Act of Kindness will also help create better dental health. Electric toothbrushes have been shown to clean teeth and gums much better than a manual brush and give the user healthier gums and fewer cavities!

🥣 We packed exam survival kits for Seita Scholars at the Center for Fostering Success at Western Michigan University on Wednesday. The Center’s mission is to improve college graduation and career achievement rates among youth and young adults aging out of the foster care system. We hope the kits help students get through exams with flying colors!

👶 Thanks to a generous donation from United Health Care of over 7,000 diapers, we were able to give a case of diapers to any patient with newborns through toddlers. Recipients were very grateful, and we sent a lot of families home with smiles and a little relief!

🖍 Lastly, it was great fun to see the excitement from Kalamazoo Public School staff when we dropped off our donation of school supplies! We donated crayons, markers, notebooks, educational games, and other materials for distribution throughout the schools. Last week we dropped off supplies at Northglade Elementary and Washington Writers’ Academy. We will continue distributing supplies this week to Edison Elementary, Woodward School for Technology & Research, and Parkwood-Upjohn Elementary.

Interested in what else we have been up to as we celebrate 50 years of service with 50 Acts of Kindness? Follow along here:

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