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Internal Medicine

FHC’s Internal Medicine team specializes in treating complex health conditions in adult patients. Our team of Internal Medicine providers understand the importance of administering quality and compassionate care for the wide range of medical conditions that affect adult patients. We prioritize establishing relationships with patients to provide continuity of care and monitoring overall health and wellness. 


What We Offer:

  • Diagnosis and Treatment for Allergies 
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases Including:
    • Heart Disease
    • Digestive System Diseases
    • Kidney Diseases
    • Lung Diseases
    • Infectious Diseases
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Disorders Including:
    • Hormonal Disorders
    • Blood Disorders
    • Arthritis
    • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Preventive cancer treatment and referrals

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Available Locations

Moses L. Walker Building