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Occupational Therapy

Our team of Occupational Therapists is committed to keeping our community members moving forward. We assess the way you function in your daily life and determine the best way to get you back to your prior level of functionality, or a close alternative, after an injury. We also provide treatment to patients with developmental conditions that impact independence and day-to-day activity. We assist with self-care, home and work skills, recreational activities, and cognitive deficits. Our team is committed to the provision of quality care across a wide spectrum of conditions to address the specific needs of our community members.


What We Offer


  • Disability and Return to Work Assessments
  • Lymphedema Treatment
  • Neurological Condition Assistance
  • Orthopedic Condition Assistance
  • Energy Conservation Training
  • Functional Movement Training
  • Upper Extremity Condition Assistance (Conservative and Postoperative)
  • Pain and Scar Management
  • Splint and Orthotic Assessments
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Wheelchair and Mobility Assessments
  • Scar Management
  • Pain Assessment & Management
  • Diabetic Wellness
  • Functional Endurance/Cardiac Tolerance
  • Functional Cognitive Assessment



  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Assistance
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Assistance
  • Brain Injury Assistance
  • Developmental Disability Assistance
  • Educational Support Services (IEPs, 504 plan)
  • Feeding/Eating Condition Assistance
  • Fine Motor Deficits
  • Gross Motor Coordination
  • Neurological Condition Assistance
  • Prematurity & Birth Complications/Trauma Assistance

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Available Locations

Moses L. Walker Building